Equipment for the application of liquid, powder and granulated treatments

Promoting clean spaces, healthy plants, crops and trees while controlling viruses, pests or diseases is at the core of every spraying professional’s work. Disinfectants, fertilisers, herbicides and pesticides are increasingly expensive and many P&D control products are being phased out in favour of biocontrols or other management methods.

It is therefore paramount that spraying should be effective, efficient and should not harm the surrounding environment. PSP products enable accurate dosing of cleaning products, fertilisers, pesticides and herbicides be they in liquid, granule or powder form.

Cleaning & Disinfecting

Cleaning chemicals and disinfectants need to be distributed evenly, accurately and reach every area where viruses, bacteria and dirt can accumulate. Compression sprayers allow for continuous spraying meaning no areas are missed while robust design means even harsh products can be sprayed safely.

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Fertiliser Application

Fertilisers can come in liquid, granulated or powdered form. The application of fertilisers in the correct dose to where it is needed requires specialist equipment. ProSprayers provide a range of applicator devices for all forms of fertiliser.

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Fire Fighting

Rapid response in the event of a fire is essential. Quick response is often difficult if the fire occurs in rural and remote areas such as in a forest or on a farm.

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Herbicide Application

The use of herbicides or weed killers is a critical application for most farmers, growers, grounds keepers and gardeners. Even organic gardeners and farmers will occasionally use organic herbicides delivered via a sprayer system.

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Targeting ants and termites in the soil with a powder applicator

Pesticide Application

Insecticides, fungicides and other pesticides come in three common forms: powder, liquid and granules. The distribution of these different formats requires equipment that will deliver the chemical in the correct does to only where it is needed.

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PSP are the exclusive UK and Europe distributors of the Guarany brand of sprayers. We sell directly to the public and trade and are pleased to discuss trade accounts for contractors and other professional users. If you are a reseller interested in horticultural or disinfecting and cleaning equipment, please contact us for opportunities to sell the PSP range.

About Guarany

Established in 1923 Guarany have established themselves as a world leading equipment manufacturer specialising in spraying and powder application equipment. Their business is built on a strong ethical philosophy: at the heart of Guarany’s ethos is a respect and care for the natural world. While spraying and fogging disinfectants, detergents, biocontrols and agrochemicals may be necessary, Guarany products aim to minimise excessive usage with clever, thoughtful designs and a range of innovative accessories.

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