ULV Sprayers

MANKAR® spraying systems are professional systems for effective, environmentally responsible and yet economical weed control with herbicides or herbicide mixtures without water.

They are based on ULV (ultra low volume) technology for optimum distribution of an extremely small amount of active product with an even droplet size which allows for what is often known as controlled droplet application (CDA).

This means that the amount of herbicide required can be considerably reduced, e.g. by up to 50% with Roundup® PowerFlex on cultivated areas and by up to 80% when using weed sensors on areas with patchy weeds.

To discuss this product or to arrange a demonstration, please contact Malcolm on [email protected] or call 07425 892425.

Minimum herbicide consumption
Economical and environmentally responsible (Up to 80% herbicide saving)

Optimal wetting due to the defined narrow droplet size spectrum
Particularly efficient utilisation of the active substance

Lighter weight due to undiluted application
Less soil compaction, reduced levels of back strain

Time saving
Undiluted herbicide application. There is no need to mix with water so independent of a water supply

Driven by rechargeable batteries or an on-board power supply (DC/DC converter)
Low energy consumption, very quiet

Optimally designed for a wide range of applications
Optimum spraying systems suitable for YOUR specific application

ULV Wheeled Push Along Sprayers

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Handheld ULV Sprayers

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