ULV Wheeled Push Along Sprayers

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ULV Wheeled Push Along Sprayers

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In stock. Order today and receive within 48 hours!

Mankar-TWO Wheeled ULV sprayers

MANKAR® spraying systems are professional system for effective, environmentally responsible and yet economical weed control with herbicides or herbicide mixtures without water. They are based on ULV (ultra low volume) and controlled droplet application (CDA) technology for optimum distribution of an extremely small amount of active product with an even droplet size.

These wheeled FLEX sprayers are battery operated and come in three models with each offering a different spray width:


They feature:

  • Two innovative Flex spray hoods with electronic atomisers which can be mounted next to one another either in front of or behind the wheel
  • Battery monitoring
  • Clearly visible flow control
  • Patented segment rotation atomiser and wheel-driven pump guarantee path-dependent, accurate and economical herbicide metering
  • Narrow wheel, with a diameter of 53cm

Technical Data
No. of atomisers:                                       2
Metering:                                                    Wheel-driven pump
Tank volume:                                             1 litre
Surface coverage:                                      Up to 1 ha
Battery life:                                                 8 h
Weight:                                                       24 kg

Model                   Spray Width        Manufacturer’s No          SKU
30-50 Flex             30-50cm                  103901                                     BL113705
60-80 Flex             60-80cm                 103902                                     BL113706
70-110 Flex            70-110cm                 103903                                    BL113450

To discuss this product or to arrange a demonstration, please contact Malcolm on malcolm@prosprayers.co.uk or call 07425 892425.

See the assembly video and learn more in the video below:



SKU: N/A Category:
Manufacturers Part Number: 30-50cm 103901, 60-80cm 103902, 70-110cm103903


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