Pest Control

PSP offers a range of innovative equipment for pest control professionals including dust applicators, granule applicators, soil injectors and powder spreaders.

We also have a range of foggers and misters/nebulisers for disinfecting operations and for treating infestations.

Our range of handheld compression sprayers can also be useful for delivering liquid pesticides and come in a range of sizes and bioplastic options. To see our handheld compression sprayer range, click here.

For larger capacity sprayers for liquid pest control products, see our backpack sprayer range here.

To see our range of Specialist Spraying kits which include equipment sets for spraying deer deterrents such as Trico and spraying nematode solutions, please click Specialist Spraying.

A handheld electric nebuliser or fogger is an effective way to disinfect against viruses or diseases

Electric Disinfectant Fogger

A 4 litre electric cold-fill disinfectant fogger suitable for a broad range of applications including disinfecting against pathogens spread by rodents and insects and for fogging against infestations.

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A motorised nebuliser can fog disinfectants or liquid fertilisers, pesticides or herbicides

Power Nebuliser

An 11 litre motor-powered backpack fogger / mister that produces a powerful, directed fog of disinfectants or pest control products. It can deliver a fog of liquid over 12 metres vertically and 18 metres horizontally. The Power Nebuliser can spray powders as well as liquids.

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Compressed air fed sprayers can use an existing fixed or mobile air supply to fog disinfectants or other liquids

Disinfectant Fogging Gun

These Compact Fogging Guns are chemical atomisers that use compressed air to draw pre-diluted chemical solution from the attached bottle, atomise the liquid, and project it as small to medium sized fog particles. They are ideal for disinfecting against pathogens spread by rodents and insects in industrial units or wherever a compressed air supply exists.

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Getting granulated fertiliser, herbicide or P&D control to the roots of plants can save wastage and damage to other plants

Soil Injector

The Soil Injector is a specially designed accessory for use with backpack sprayers which can deliver liquid pesticides into the soil to target insect nests at a depth of between 50-250mm.

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A backpack Granule Applicator will make delivering granulated fertiliser, pesticide or herbicides quick and easy

Backpack Granule Applicator

This innovative backpack dispenses exact doses of granulated product such as loose bait for rodent control. The Granule Applicator offers a way for operators to safely lay poisons to treat against of a variety of pests such as rats, mice and ants.

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Getting granulated fertiliser, herbicide or P&D control to the roots of plants can save wastage and damage to other plants

Granule Injector

The unique Granule Injector can deliver granulated pesticide 50mm into the ground. Developed to preserve the surrounding environment, this applicator allows the exact dose to be dispensed precisely where it is needed.

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An easy way of spreading seeds or fertilsers, pesticides or herbicides in granulated form

Granule Spreader

This backpack with its 2m spread is excellent for applying uniform and economical doses of granulated pesticides and baits across wide areas such as building foundations and lawns. It can hold up to 8kg of granulated product and enables accurate dosing and protects the operator from interaction with harmful products.

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8kg Backpack Powder Applicator Thumb

Backpack Powder Applicator

This 8kg backpack offers an easy way to distribute powdered pesticide products across a wide area. It is manually powered with a fan to blow the product out, minimising effort for the operator.

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Dust Applicator 1kg

This easy to use powder applicator is ideal for treating ant nests. It has a 75cm discharge tube and allows a safe and efficient means of delivering pesticides exactly where they are needed.

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PSP are the exclusive UK and Europe distributors of the Guarany brand of sprayers. We sell directly to the public and trade and are pleased to discuss trade accounts for contractors and other professional users. If you are a reseller interested in horticultural or disinfecting and cleaning equipment, please contact us for opportunities to sell the PSP range.

About Guarany

Established in 1923 Guarany have established themselves as a world leading equipment manufacturer specialising in spraying and powder application equipment. Their business is built on a strong ethical philosophy: at the heart of Guarany’s ethos is a respect and care for the natural world. While spraying and fogging disinfectants, detergents, biocontrols and agrochemicals may be necessary, Guarany products aim to minimise excessive usage with clever, thoughtful designs and a range of innovative accessories.

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