SKU: BL113711 Category: Dimensions: 194 × 226 × 324 mm

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SKU: BL113711 Category: Dimensions: 194 × 226 × 324 mm

In stock. Order today and receive within 48 hours!

Trico® now available to buy from PSP!

Deer present a problem for all forestry personnel and many garden owners. Their diets consist of not only herbs and grasses but also the tender shoots, leaves and bark of newly establishing crops. This presents an issue whereby game stocks need to be adjusted to reflect the natural capacity of their habitat whilst ensuring the woodlands remain healthy and productive.

This is not always easy. Although there are a number of remedies which include fencing and culling, these may not always be the most appropriate, especially if an estate abuts the woodland and they require the deer for commercial purposes. Therefore a different approach can be applied.

Trico® has been proven to give highly effective protection to trees, garden plants, vineyards, orchards and agricultural crops against browsing. It has the advantage over two other repellents on the market in that it has good rainfastness and is visible, thus providing effective protection against game damage during both the summer and winter. It is a ready-to-use spray and can be applied using PSP’s Deer Repellent Spraying Kit.

Trico® offers long-term protection for deciduous and coniferous species, right through to the start of the spring growth. Please see the label for the rates of use.

Trico® is a completely harmless smell and taste deterrent based on emulsified sheep fat which deer will avoid as they find the smell and taste totally unappetising.

For domestic use or for smaller areas, try Trico® Garden here. It comes in a 500ml container and can be used with any sprayer, including our Duck handheld sprayer here.

See the Deer Repellent Kit in action in our video below. To buy the Deer Repellent Kit, click here.

Trico® is sold in a 10L container.




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SKU: BL113711 Category: Dimensions: 194 × 226 × 324 mm
Manufacturers Part Number: EPA Reg. No: 71637-2

1 review for Trico®

  1. Neil Casey


    Just wanted to say what a great product the Trico Deer Repellent is.

    I own a small mature wood in the Yorkshire dales which has suffered in recent years from wind blow and ash dieback. In an attempt to diversify the range of species and make the wood more resilient I have planted a number of native species saplings over recent years, but have had little success due to the presence of deer.

    Last year I tried Trico for the first time (purchased from a previous supplier) and found it to be very effective and easy to apply, so I was pleased to find it is still available.

    What I especially like about this product are its environmental benefits, i.e. no need to fill the environment with plastic tree guards or carry out deer culling. Although I only used one application on the latest saplings I planted, the difference it made was very clear. In previous years the young trees I planted were killed when the tops emerged from the guards and fell victim to roe deer. This year the trees I planted and applied Trico to have all survived.

    A great product that saves money and the environment. I can’t recommend it highly enough.

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