The use of sprayers to apply disinfecting agents for the control of pathogens is common and widespread. We have available a wide variety of sprayers suitable for use with all common disinfectants, fungicides, viricides, bactericides and detergents.

Many of our products are World Health Organisation approved for the control of endemic disease vectors.

We have a range of disinfectant foggers, including an electric fogger and a powered backpack nebuliser for larger scale fogging and misting applications. The benefit of disinfectant fogging units is that they produce a finely atomised plume of fog entrained within a rapidly moving air flow. This can project the fog for well over 15 meters meaning large areas can be treated quickly and hard-to-access areas and objects are reached. Fogging is a safe method of disinfecting although, as with any spraying, it is imperative to follow equipment and disinfectant manufacturers guidelines.

For a wide variety of cleaning, disinfecting and sanitising applications our backpack sprayers come in 10, 12 or 20 litre capacity. These can be fitted with a variety of different spray nozzles, booms, lances and accessories making them a highly versatile spraying system.

For smaller scale operations, our hand-held compression sprayers are suitable for the application of most disinfecting agents including hydrogen peroxide and hypochlorite (bleach). They are made from chemically resistant plastics and have tough Viton seals.

Available in sizes from 1.2 -7.6 litres they are easy to use and quickly disinfect spaces such as clinics, waiting rooms, treatment rooms, offices and gyms.

For the ultimate in durability we also produce a range of compression sprayers manufactured in stainless steel.

If you would like to read more about the mechanics of spraying and how to go about selecting the correct spraying system, read our article Spraying for Covid-19 here.

To help choose which equipment is right for you, view our Equipment Table here.

A high pressure sprayer for household and garden use

Cleaning & Disinfecting Equipment

Guarany is a market leader in environmental health spraying equipment with a large range of innovative equipment for disinfecting, deep cleaning and sanitising. Key products in this range are certified by the World Health Organisation due to Guarany’s extensive expertise in combating viruses and vector borne diseases in areas such as Latin America and Africa.

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A handheld electric nebuliser or fogger is an effective way to disinfect against viruses or diseases

Foggers & Nebulisers

Our specialist disinfectant foggers, misters and nebulisers include the WHO approved Electric Disinfectant Fogger and the 6L Power Nebuliser for the spraying of disinfectants including sodium hypochlorite and hydrogen peroxide.

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Robust and ergonomic backpack sprayers will last for many years

Backpack sprayers

We have a wide range of backpack sprayers that can be used for the spraying of disinfectants including hypochlorite, hydrogen peroxide and alcohol-based cleaners. Our sprayers can be fitted with a wide variety of accessories to improve spraying accuracy and reach.

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A medium sized compression sprayer for garden and household

Handheld Sprayers

Our handheld sprayer range is extensive and includes WHO approved equipment for applying disinfectants and other chemical cleaning products. Products available include compression sprayers and pump-action sprayers.

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PSP are the exclusive UK and Europe distributors of the Guarany brand of sprayers. We sell directly to the public and trade and are pleased to discuss trade accounts for contractors and other professional users. If you are a reseller interested in horticultural or disinfecting and cleaning equipment, please contact us for opportunities to sell the PSP range.

About Guarany

Established in 1923 Guarany have established themselves as a world leading equipment manufacturer specialising in spraying and powder application equipment. Their business is built on a strong ethical philosophy: at the heart of Guarany’s ethos is a respect and care for the natural world. While spraying and fogging disinfectants, detergents, biocontrols and agrochemicals may be necessary, Guarany products aim to minimise excessive usage with clever, thoughtful designs and a range of innovative accessories.

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