Electric Fogger

SKU: BL111737 Categories: , , Dimensions: 495 × 245 × 345 mm

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Electric Fogger

SKU: BL111737 Categories: , , Dimensions: 495 × 245 × 345 mm

In stock. Order today and receive within 48 hours!

Guarany’s 4 litre capacity 220v Electric  Fogger sets the standards for fogging equipment. It is used across the world for disinfecting, deep cleaning and sanitising as well as for pest and disease control. Its easy-to-use, portable design makes it essential equipment for the no-fuss disinfecting, deep cleaning and sanitising of a huge range of facilities such as offices, hospitals, schools, gyms and other public spaces. It is also used for vehicle disinfection (see video here).

If you would like to discuss if it is suitable for your business or application, please do not hesitate to email us at info@prosprayers.co.uk or call on 01273 400092.

The Electric Fogger produces a fine mist and is suitable for treating pathogens such as viruses in the air and on surfaces.

The Electric Fogger also has a wide range of other uses e.g. for spraying insecticides, anti-moulding products, deodorants, germicides and for cleaning kennels, farms, silos, poultry farms, aviaries and food production facilities. It has a one year warranty.

To see the Electric Fogger in action, please watch our video:

What is disinfectant fogging and how does disinfectant fogging work?

Disinfectant fogging machines create a super-fine mist or fog comprised of tiny droplets containing chemicals such as disinfecting products. The benefit of using a mist or fog to disinfect against viruses and bacteria is that it can attack them both in the air and on surfaces. Additionally, the fine droplets can reach hard-to-access objects and areas, thus providing a much fuller and more comprehensive coverage than manual or other cleaning methods alone.

There are a number of different types of disinfectant fogger: wet foggers, dry foggers and electrostatic foggers. You may also see the description ULV fogger, meaning ultra low volume fogger. These are cold foggers (which can be wet or dry) as opposed to thermal foggers. Our Electric Disinfectant Fogger is a ULV cold wet fogger.

What is the difference between wet and dry foggers?

Wet foggers and dry foggers do the same thing. The difference is in the fineness of the spray and therefore a) how long it hangs in the air and b) how it treats or wets surfaces. In terms of the practicalities of using wet or dry fogging, there are also implications for what level of personal protection equipment (PPE) would need to be worn and how soon after fogging it is safe to enter the room without PPE.

Wet foggers deliver a small enough droplet size which means the spray hangs long enough in the air to treat viruses and pathogens and to be blown around the room by air currents to give good coverage and reach inaccessible places but is heavy enough to treat viruses on surfaces too.

Dry foggers produce even finer droplets that are designed to hang in the air. As such, they do not have the secondary function of treating surfaces. While they may reach every nook and cranny, they require more stringent PPE and it will be longer before the area can be entered safely.

The use of electrostatic spraying for disinfection is an interesting concept. The theory is to charge the particles before they are ejected from the nozzle. This is done by using a strong positively charged spray. This electrically charged spray will then adhere better to any negatively or neutrally charged surface it comes into contact with. It provides a very good coating and coverage of disinfectant on surfaces but is, as yet, unproven to be any better than other types of fogging and is considerably more expensive.

If you would like to read more about the different types of fogging, please read our Guide to Disinfectant Fogging here.




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SKU: BL111737 Categories: , , Dimensions: 495 × 245 × 345 mm
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