8 Kg Backpack Spreader

SKU: BL106963 Category: Dimensions: 335 × 340 × 560 mm

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8 Kg Backpack Spreader

SKU: BL106963 Category: Dimensions: 335 × 340 × 560 mm

In stock. Order today and receive within 48 hours!

A manually powered backpack granule applicator for the distribution of granulated or powdered products.

This equipment is a highly efficient way to fight agricultural pests in chicken coops or in crops where powder formulations are used. This device will cast product over a large area as the operator walks along.

The Backpack Granule & Powder Spreader is also an easy-to-use, quick and effective means of applying granulated fertilisers or pest control products to potted plants. See our video below to see the spreader in action applying garlic granules to rhubarb at a plant nursery.

Another use for this clever piece of equipment is distributing ice melt granules evenly and without unnecessary wastage. Its portability and ease of use make it suitable for steps, ramps, terraces and slopes, unlike wheeled hopper-style spreaders. The fan applicator provides a metre-wide distribution making it perfect for narrow paths when held immediately in front of the operator. Wider areas can be reached by sweeping the applicator from side to side.


Watch our video to see the backpack distributing ice melt here:


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SKU: BL106963 Category: Dimensions: 335 × 340 × 560 mm
Manufacturers Part Number: 0411.02.00


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