Disinfectant Fogging Guns

SKU: N/A Category: Dimensions: 50 × 50 × 50 mm

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Disinfectant Fogging Guns

SKU: N/A Category: Dimensions: 50 × 50 × 50 mm

In stock. Order today and receive within 48 hours!

These Disinfectant Fogging Guns operate with compressed air. Air is passed through the gun and it entrains a low volume of liquid from the integrated container. This then forms a low volume, well atomised fog which is ejected from the gun. The gun is controlled by a simple trigger valve.

Dosing rates can be controlled via the insertion of different restrictors into the siphon tube. This allows for flow rates between 1 litre per hour and 23 l/hour to be achieved from the same gun.

These Fogging Guns products can be used for operator guided disinfection applications wherever there is a suitable compressed air supply. This makes them an ideal product for the disinfection of warehouses, factories and other workplaces that have an existing compressed air system.

The fog produced by these guns is still a wet fog, rather than a dry one so care needs to be taken when being used around electrical equipment and other surfaces that cannot tolerate wetting. Also, full PPE should be worn by the operator and careful attention given to the safety instructions on safe usage of the disinfectant being applied

Three models are available:

The Low Volume Fogger which uses only 1.2 CFM at 80 PSi and projects the fog 2 metres.

The standard Medium Reach Fogger which uses 3.6 CFM at 80 PSi and will project the fog 4.5 metres

The High Reach Fogger which uses 7.4 CFM and will project the fog 8 metres

The guns are made by Arkansas-based Lafferty Equipment which has been manufacturing high-quality foamers, sprayers, foggers and dilution control systems for over 35 years. Lafferty products are designed for demanding applications in the food processing, bottling, car/truck washing, agricultural, institutional and industrial environments in both domestic and international markets.

To see how the Lafferty Disinfectant Fogging Guns work, watch the video here.


SKU: N/A Category: Dimensions: 50 × 50 × 50 mm
Manufacturers Part Number: 305 (HRF) 633 (MRF) 612 (LVF)


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