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Blow, beat, spray – the first response method for tackling wildfires

By 29th August 2023No Comments

If you can’t beat them, then blow, beat and spray.

We recently worked with the amazing team at South East Fire & Rescue to demonstrate Guarany’s Motorised Blower in conjunction with its beater and Flexible Backpack Sprayer which used together can form a first response to grassland fires.

The blow, beat, spray method is incredibly effective in putting out fires before they take hold. Because the equipment is manual and can be carried by firefighters, it can be quickly and easily deployed to areas fire engines cannot access. Using this three-pronged approach also means less water is needed as the blower and beater work to put out flames, starving the fire of fuel in the form of dry grass or other matter. Water, pumped in a fine spray from the flexible backpack, is used to ensure the fire is fully extinguished.

Watch our short video to see the blow, beat spray method in action.