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Conventional sprayers versus CDA/ULV sprayers

By 14th May 2024No Comments

What do controlled droplet application (CDA) sprayers spray and what makes the Mankar sprayers different from conventional CDA sprayers?

Very simply CDA sprayers generally spray neat, undiluted herbicides or pesticides.

They do this at ultra low volumes (ULV) and in a way that produces very tightly controlled droplet sizes. Mankar sprayers are unique in that they are both CDA and ULV sprayers at the same time.

With conventional sprayers, chemicals need to be massively diluted in order to get them to spray in the correct concentrations. With most CDA sprayers the chemicals still need to be diluted, perhaps not as much but it still needs to be done. Some CDA sprayer systems will even lock you into buying specially packaged premixed chemicals that are specific to that particular CDA sprayer!

The Mankar sprayers are unique in that they are both ULV and CDA sprayers at the same time. This means that you can spray neat chemicals like Glyphosate 480 without diluting it at all. The ULV nature of the Mankar will allow this to be sprayed in the very low volumes required and the CDA features will improve absorption rates so that less chemical needs to be applied.

With the Mankar ULV/CDA sprayers you continue to spray the same chemicals, but you will use less and you don’t need to lug around 20kg of extra weight in the form of the water you dilute them with.

There is no need to buy specially formulated chemicals in special compatible cartridges. Just continue to use whatever it is you use now but use it neat, less of it and get the same results with less operator effort.

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