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Feeding trees or shrubs? How you can cut wastage of granulated agrochemicals by 50%

By 17th February 2022No Comments

Stop wasting expensive granulated agrochemicals!

Granulated fertiliser or pesticides can be expensive and, whilst there has been great attention paid to improving the accuracy of liquid agrochemicals, granulated products are often neglected. It is still very common for granules to be distributed by hand via a simple scoop.

This is inaccurate in terms of the amount or dosage of granules distributed each time and also inaccurate in terms of where the granules end up falling. This problem is compounded if an operator is delivering granules to many thousands of shrubs, trees or pots and becomes tired and less accurate as time goes on.

The Guarany Backpack Granule Applicator is an innovative bit of equipment which makes manual application of granulated products accurate and less physically tiring.

The applicator has an 16 litre hopper that can be filled with any granulated product.

It has two different applicator nozzles, both of which are close to the ground for accurate distribution. The round nozzle gives a very targeted distribution of product and the “ducks foot spreader” is designed to distribute the granules in an even way over an area. This avoids the inefficient clustering and uneven distribution of product.

The applicator solves the dosing problem by having and adjustable dosing chamber that can be set to distribute between 9 and 250 grams of product with each pull of the trigger. So the same dose of product will be delivered each and every time no matter how tired or bored the operator is!

Customers are telling us that using the granule applicator can save up to 50% of granulated product waste. This means the applicator will pay for itself in many situations within just a couple of uses.

Additionally, the whole process of granule application becomes more comfortable and easy for the operator, so user comfort and health and safety are benefits on top of the huge potential cost savings.