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Fighting fires in inaccessible places

By 5th August 2022No Comments

PSP first joined forces with Guarany many years ago when we developed a flexible fire firefighting backpack together. The Flexible Firefighting Backpack is now used by most of the UK’s fire services to tackle small wildfires and fires in areas where it is impossible or difficult to get a fire truck. It is easy to store in fire engines, taking up very little space, and is robust and easy to fill.

The Flexible Firefighting Backpack comes with optional accessories such as a Foaming Nozzle which maximises the volume of water sprayed and a Chimney Fire Nozzle which provides a viable alternative to stirrup pumps and traditional hose reel adaptors and allows for easier access to rural dwellings where weather conditions may impede hose reel access.

We are also excited to be working with the fire services to trial other products such as the Backpack Power Nebuliser which, in addition to its ability to deliver a mist of fine spray,  has a blower function which can be used to extinguish fires. South East Fire & Rescue this week trialled the nebuliser as part of a training exercise. With hotter summers leading to increasing numbers of fire outbreaks, we hope we can offer some additional tools to help the fire services in their vital work.

Watch our short video below to see the Guarany Flexible Firefighting Backpack in action.