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Get ready to rock with easy de-icing

By 18th November 2022November 25th, 2022No Comments

Manually spreading de-icer in the form of rock salt is not an easy task. Walk-behind or towable wheeled rock salt or grit spreaders can be unwieldy and are difficult to use/completely unsuitable for terraces, steps or even footpaths which may twist and turn. Using a bucket and scoop method can be time-consuming and buckets will need regular refilling for large areas.

The Guarany Backpack Granule Applicator is easy to fill and, with a 16kg capacity, can hold plenty of rock salt product. It is comfortable to wear, easy to control and distributes the rock salt evenly and accurately (no spraying off into surrounding areas) which means wastage, and thus expense, is minimised. Watch our short case study video below to see the Granule Applicator in action spreading rock salt.

If you can, spread the rock salt BEFORE snow or freezing temperatures to prevent surfaces getting icy in the first place. If this is not possible, rock salt can, of course, be applied on snowy or frosty areas to melt the ice or make snow easier to remove.

As our customer Mark says in the video, the Granule Applicator is a really useful bit of equipment. ‘With lawns, trees, shrubs, and footpaths to look after, this one applicator can be used for spreading weed and feed products on the lawns, fertiliser on the trees and shrubs and then to spread rock salt making it a very useful tool for any grounds maintenance manager.’

To buy or find out more, view the product here.