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How can you keep deer from destroying saplings, shrubs and plants?

By 11th April 2022No Comments

Deer can do enormous damage to young trees and other plants. A client of ours recently lost 1000s of young trees to three deer which got in and decimated his newly planted saplings.

Products such as TRICO® have proven to be effective deterrents against deer ‘browsing’ (or destruction as some may call it!). Trico itself is a natural repellent made of sheep fat which, when sprayed on trees and plants, repels deer due to its smell and taste. The product can clog manual sprayers, however, so is not so easy to deliver effectively across large areas.

The Deer Repellent Spraying Kit offers a neat solution. It comprises;

Guarany 12 Litre Pro Backpack Sprayer (BL107576)
Guarany Dosimeter (BL103450)
Guarany 1200mm S5 Lance (BL106519) or 900mm S5 Lance (BL106518)
03 80° Nozzle Tip (BL112982)

Why not watch our video to find out more and see how you can make easy work of deer deterrent spraying?

TRICO® PRO is a scent and taste repellent that protects against deer that browse, rub or debark seedlings, trees and shrubs. TRICO® provides effective control of deer damage to vulnerable, deer-attractive agricultural plants. Learn more at

The TRICO® brands offer long-lasting protection and are effective in all seasons. A proven track record in Europe has been achieved thanks to the residual repellency, the fact they start working immediately and the dual action provides protection in a range of plants from forestry to vineyards, orchards to field crops.