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It’s all about the nozzles

By 1st September 2022No Comments

Understanding the differences between the various available nozzles for backpack sprayers and handheld compression sprayers can increase efficiency and reduce wastage of expensive agrochemical products.

There are three types of spray nozzle commonly used on backpack and compression sprayers:

  1. Adjustable Hollow Cone Nozzles. These nozzles produce a hollow cone spray pattern. The adjustability means we can vary the atomisation and spray pattern on the nozzle by twisting it tighter or looser. Fully loose, the nozzle will produce a jet of spray. Fully tightened, it will produce more of a mist.
  2. Standard Flat Fan Nozzles. These nozzles produce fan pattern. These are colour coded for flow rate and commonly we will see yellow, green, blue and red tips being used on our sprayers. They also come with different spray angles typically 80° and 110°.
  3. Deflector Fan Nozzles operate in a slightly different way. They impact the spray on a deflector plate which diverts the direction of the spray, spreads it out and atomises it. These tips are colour coded in the same way as standard fan nozzles so a red deflector tip will give the same flow rate as a red standard tip. They will produce a less atomised spray which can help avoid spray drift in windy conditions.
  4. Fixed Cone tips (hollow and full cone) these are non-adjustable nozzles that produce a fixed spray angle cone pattern.

To learn more about which nozzle is best for which spraying job and the role that flow rates, droplet size and spray angles play, read our three handy guides or watch our videos by following the links below.

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