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Lawn & Garden Sprayers – how do you find the best option for you?

By 27th February 2024No Comments

When, not if (we are always optimistic!), the skies finally clear, it will be high time to get out in the garden to start tidying, tackling those weeds and planting.

Weed spraying is going to be a key focus as spring comes into view. Using a sprayer will probably prove cheaper than using hose end products or ready mixed bottles of product if you are likely to need to spray (which, let’s face it, you will need to given the tenacity of weeds!) on a regular basis and year after year

So, what sort of sprayer should you be looking out for? What’s best for your needs?

Backpack or a handheld?

How big is the area you are going to be spraying? How far from a water source are you going to be? If you have a large-ish area to cover, you are likely to need to keep refilling a smaller sprayer so you will be better off with a backpack sprayer. Handheld sprayers require you to pump them to build pressure before using so if you find this difficult, try a small backpack (our smallest is 10L). Otherwise, a handheld sprayer will probably be fine. Our largest is 7 litres, our smallest is 1.2 litres.

Do check the sprayer can maintain adequate pressure for the type of liquid you’ll be spraying. Some chemicals require specific pressure levels for effective application.

If you have a large area to cover and want a hand free to be able to move plants, foliage or other objects out of the way, a battery sprayer is a good option.


There are options for every budget but you get what you pay for so if a sprayer is super cheap, it is unlikely to be a good investment! Watch our video here about our sprayers (the points we make apply to other established brands too) versus cheap sprayers.


What are you going to be spraying? Agrochemicals can be corrosive so make sure the material your sprayer is made from is compatible.  Look for durable materials like polyethylene and for strong seals which won’t need frequent replacement.


Check if the sprayer comes with a warranty to protect against any manufacturing defects or malfunctions.

Accessories and spares

A sprayer can be a very versatile tool. Look for a brand which offers you a range of different accessories such as horizontal booms for spraying over a wide area (ideal for lawns), weed shields for improved targeting without damaging the surrounding area and different nozzles which provide various spray patterns, such as mist, stream, or cone, for different spraying jobs. If you need to reach up high, consider a telescopic lance. If you need to dispense very accurate doses of products, look at clever accessories such as the Dosimeter.

After care

What if your sprayer goes wrong or you can’t quite figure out how to get it working correctly? If you have bought from a company such as PSP, a garden machinery dealer or a local DIY store or garden centre, chances are you can go back to them and seek help. If you have bought from a faceless online company, you may find you are on your own.

Still not sure where to start? Give us a call on 01273 400092 or email us at and we can guide you through your options.