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So, who else is using Guarany spraying equipment?

By 25th July 2023No Comments

Guarany may be a lesser-known brand of backpack and handheld spraying equipment here in the UK but it is gaining traction due to the quality of its products being as good as, if not better than, the competition while it is more affordably priced.

It’s understandable that buyers want to know who else is using the kit and what sort of pedigree it has.

Well, Guarany is the dominant manual spraying equipment manufacturer in South America particularly in its home country of Brazil. Brazil is one of the largest food producing nations in the world and there is a lot of manual labour still used so orange Guarany sprayers are a common sight in the fields of across the country. They are ‘the weapon of choice’ for professional farmers and growers all across South America as well as in Australia, South Africa and Asia.

Guarany kit is also recommend and approved by the World Health Organisation (WHO) for endemic disease control. This is not an application we see in the UK, but it still speaks to the quality of the company’s products. WHO recommends Guarany kit and it is deployed and used by governments and NGOs across the world, particularly in Africa, South America and Asia.

Closer to home, about 70% of the UK fire brigades purchase the Guarany flexible firefighting backpack and this product is also used by a large number of French fire services. It is the market leading fire backpack used for the control of wild fires, a growing problem even here in the damp UK. Fire fighters don’t mess around with low quality kit, lives are on the line and they always buy good equipment. The flexible backpack was actually developed by UK firefighters in conjunction with Guarany and so is their backpack of choice.

So, if you buy a Guarany bit of kit, rest assured you are in good company. And, with 1-5 year warranties, spares and parts available here in the UK and PSP at the end of the line to answer any questions you may have, buying Guarany equipment makes very good sense indeed.