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Trico® now available from PSP. Get your Deer Repellent Kit and Trico® in one place!

By 20th March 2023September 26th, 2023No Comments
We are delighted to now be able to offer 10L containers of Trico® to use in conjunction with our Deer Repellent Kit or whatever equipment you are using to spray against deer browsing.

So, how does Trico® work and perform? It works by coating plants with a substance, based on emulsified sheep fat, which deer find offensive in terms of smell and taste.

In terms of how effective is it, in his review for Forestry and Timber News in 2019, pesticides expert adviser Colin Palmer discussed the performance of Trico® with a selection of 13 foresters who had used the product over a two year period (see below for the full article). Previous products had not had adequate ‘rainfastness’ so this was a key area for review as was the economics of using Trico® versus other non-spraying methods.

Palmer reported: “The overall response in discussion with foresters is very positive. The product, does, indeed appear to be lasting for around 6 months and is showing good activity against red, roe, fallow sika and muntjac deer on a wide range of establishing trees including sitka and norway spruce, Douglas fir and a wide range of broadleaved species. But it should be remembered that any treatment applied before flushing will mean that new growth will be unprotected.”

He continues: “It also appears that the treatment is transforming a small 2ha woodland in Cumbria. Owner Tony Graham has sprayed emerging natural regen. of oak, beech, birch and wild cherry which previously would have been grazed out by roe deer, but are now thriving 1m plants. Does this mean that natural regen. respacing can be achieved in partnership with the local deer by just spraying the trees that are wished to be retained? The same grower has also sprayed the tops of 0.6m tubes placed over regen.and commented that the emerging foliage has also been avoided by the resident roe deer population. Other respondents have found that treated emerged growth from tubes is also protected.”

In terms of economics, his review showed that there was a significant cost saving over fencing. Palmer reports that a calculation by one large estate “indicated that the cost of fending a 25ha restock site (3000m) would be between £31,000 and £37,000. This compared to a single post planting 24ha application of Trico® to 1650 trees/ha at £4000 and £6000 including application.”

Trico is sprayed by knapsack sprayer neat onto the tops of transplants at a rate of between5 to 10ml per tree depending on the size of the tree, typically using an E80.02 nozzle at I bar pressure. It should be noted, though, that it does not deter rabbits, hares, voles and other biting or browsing creaturesSee Trico® being sprayed in our short video below. To buy, click here.

If you would like to talk to us or learn more about Trico®, please give us a call on 01273 400092 and speak to Malcolm or email him on

See the article here. Read the full magazine below.