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Warranty or won’t he? The lowdown on what happens if you have a problem with your Guarany backpack sprayer.

By 15th May 2023No Comments

How long is the warranty on Guarany backpack and handheld sprayers and how does it work?

This is an important question for any of our resellers and professional and home end users alike. Hassles with warranty claim and slow responses from manufacturers, especially ones located in faraway places like Brazil, can leave customers out of pocket and understandably frustrated.

But worry not, we take all that hassle away. We will service the warranties pretty much no questions asked here in the UK. Yes, Guarany products are made in Brazil but we are the exclusive distributor for the products in the UK and Europe. We hold plenty of spares and stock in our own warehouse here in the Midlands. What this means is that you are in safe hands. If something breaks when it should not then we will take the old unit back and ship a new one or a replacement part no questions asked. The standard warranty on the 20-litre sprayer is 3 years and the advanced 12 litre Pro knapsack sprayer has a 5 year warranty. These are BOTH professional use warranties. All other products carry a one year warranty.

Fortunately for us, our warranty claims are extremely few and far between. Guarany kit is incredibly tough and well made. If it gets damaged or broken, it is normally because someone has quite clearly abused it rather than through any manufacturing fault or it may have been damaged in transit if the courier is careless. Because we get so few claims, it allows us to operate on the trust model of no questions asked.

This “no questions asked model” relies, of course, on that element of trust i.e. that people won’t be pulling fast one. But we prefer that over making it difficult. In practice, we will only really question things if someone suddenly had a whole host of warranty claims that were unusual or kept.

We hope this reassures you that, when buying a Guarany backpack sprayer, you are backed by a no-quibble warranty which, hopefully, you will never even have to invoke!