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What is the best method to keep deer out of your garden?

By 21st November 2023March 21st, 2024No Comments

Is there really anything that will stop deer attacking your plans and ruining your plants, trees and shrubs?

It will soon be winter browsing time for deer and many gardeners will be dreading the destruction they will wreak.

If you are one of many garden or smallholding owners plagued by deer every year, it can be devastating to see your hard work ruined and favourite plants munched without a  backward glance. There are a number of deer repellent methods you could try. These include somewhat crazy sounding solutions such as lion dung (yes really!), bags of human hair and hanging bars of scented soap but the consensus seems to be none of them are foolproof (or deer proof) and most of them are not rain resistant either so will be washed off or away at the first sign of heavy rain. Of course, the ultimate deterrent is fencing but this isn’t always practical and can cost a fortune.

Trico® is a natural repellent made of sheep fat which, when sprayed on trees and plants, repels deer due to its smell and taste. It is safe to spray and completely safe and harmless to deer. We have been working successfully with forestry and tree growing professionals to develop a spraying system for Trico® because it is rather thick and sticky and not easy to get on target without proper equipment. To this end, we have modified one of our sprayers and added the innovative Dosimeter to ensure precise dosing with every press of the trigger. Watch our short video below to see a stag’s reaction to some Trico-doused lettuce!

And, we reiterate, Trico® is a natural deer repellent and it is harmless to deer – they just hate the smell!

Now, we are pleased to be able to offer Trico® Garden which can be used by homeowners/domestic gardeners to keep deer at bay. This version is equally effective, is easier to spray (it is diluted with water) and can be used with even a simple handheld sprayer.

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