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Whether you call it a fogger, mister or nebuliser, make sure it’s not a glorified leaf blower!

By 12th July 2022No Comments

When is a fogger not a fogger?

Some mist blowers on the market are essentially a standard leaf blower with liquid tank attached and some tubing to allow the liquid in the tank to be drawn into the airflow. Companies that have traditionally made motorised tools like leaf blowers have adapted their products to become power misters. And, to be fair, they do work ok.

However, the Guarany Power Mister is different. It was developed not by a company that traditionally made leaf blowers and other motor-driven tools but instead by a company with a near 100-year history in making backpack sprayers, granule applicators and other agrichemical distribution equipment. So rather than approach this product from the angle of converting an existing leaf blower to be a mister the Guarany product was developed from scratch to be an accurate agrichemical distribution system.

We can immediately see the impact of this approach when we look at the weight distribution of the system when compared to other mist blowers on the market. Some competitor models are very top-heavy, just as if a container tank has literally been stuck on top of a standard leaf blower. Guarany understood that a low centre of gravity was essential to avoid unintended lateral movement of the applicator as it was being used. As such the fuel tank and the liquid tank are kept low resulting in a far more stable operator experience.

We can see more differences when we look at the applicator nozzle system. Because of Guarany’s long history in developing accurate chemical applicators great care has been given to the nozzle dispersion and dosing system. The Mister comes with a variety of colour coded spray tips which can vary the flow rate between 2.5 and 200ml/min. The distributor plate ensures a highly accurate and evenly distributed plume of mist.

Watch our short video below to discover even more reasons why the Guarany Motorised Power Nebuliser is THE mister for manual fogging applications, be they for horticulture, agriculture or public health/disinfectant spraying.