Spares and kits for Pulmic battery sprayers


In stock. Order today and receive within 48 hours!

Spares and kits for Pulmic battery sprayers


In stock. Order today and receive within 48 hours!

Spares and replacement parts and kits for the 35L and 15L Pulmic electric sprayers.

To see the full 35L spare parts list, click Pulmic 35L parts

To see the full 15L spare parts diagram, click Pulmic 15L parts

Manufacturer’s No. Description BL Number Parts catalogue page Click to buy
1288 Pulmic 2 Nozzle boom BL114071 49 Click
633 Pulmic Weed Shield Rectangular BL114072 18 Click
614 Pulmic Weed Shield Round BL114073 48 Click
4254 Pulmic Dosimeter BL114074 Click
1788 NBR Seal BL114075 85 Click
16847P Control Unit Industrial 35L BL114076 65 Click
16573K Pump Kit with Shifted Head BL114077 24 Click
1443 Nozzle Filter Cap BL114078 83 Click
15293 Adjustable Nozzle with Elbow BL114079 64 Click
14155 Control Unit Pulmic Pegasus 15L BL114080 20 Click
14891 Pump 21v for Pulmic Industrial 35L BL114081 96 Click
13943 Battery 18v 2.6AH Industrial 35 L/ Pegasus 15L BL114082 92 Click
8739 Pump 12v for Pulmic Pegasus 15L BL114083 82 Click


Manufacturers Part Number: See table above


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