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Trico® – a great deer repellent that saves money AND the environment

By 2nd January 2024No Comments

Happy 2024 and welcome to a year free from deer destruction!

We had many reports at the end of last year (one of our offices is based in the Ashdown Forest) of hungry deer making forays into gardens they hadn’t targeted before. Sadly, many homeowners saw plants and shrubs decimated. One customer, who didn’t know until too late that Trico® Garden would have kept the deer at bay, reported that netting had been pushed aside and the last of her kale and other winter vegetables had been scoffed. Trico Garden is easy to use and comes in a handy 500ml bottle. The product is diluted with water and can be sprayed with any sprayer (although we like our Duck or Katu Duck 1.2L versions which are light but sturdy). To find out more or order, click here.

Trico® is also available in 10L containers for professional usage in forestry and land management. This product is sprayed neat but, due to its thick and gloopy consistency, we recommend using our Deer Repellent Kit spraying system or modifying your existing sprayer (it will get clogged up otherwise).

Here’s a recent review of Trico® in which a customer praised its efficacy and environmental benefits:

“Just wanted to say what a great product the Trico Deer Repellent is.

“I own a small mature wood in the Yorkshire dales which has suffered in recent years from wind blow and ash dieback. In an attempt to diversify the range of species and make the wood more resilient I have planted a number of native species saplings over recent years, but have had little success due to the presence of deer.

“Last year I tried Trico for the first time (purchased from a previous supplier) and found it to be very effective and easy to apply, so I was pleased to find it is still available.

“What I especially like about this product are its environmental benefits, i.e. no need to fill the environment with plastic tree guards or carry out deer culling. Although I only used one application on the latest saplings I planted, the difference it made was very clear. In previous years the young trees I planted were killed when the tops emerged from the guards and fell victim to roe deer. This year the trees I planted and applied Trico to have all survived. A great product that saves money and the environment. I can’t recommend it highly enough.”

To find out more about Trico®, click here.